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About Karin

I have been interested in natural approaches to health since my early 20's when I suffered depression and anxiety. Having approached depression through medication that helped me feel better to a point, I experience side effects from the medication once I weaned off them, I turned to nutrition and herbal medicine, mindfullness, yoga, and outdoor activities. I was able to have lifetime lasting effects treating myself holistically.

I found physical activity also helped with my mental health and a long term battle with a body structural integrity. So I became passionate in Yoga, fitness, and outdoor recreation as an adjunct to natural medicine. 

I started my career journey through essential oils and then shiatsu and remedial massage which gave me the tools to grow on my natural health journey, and now love to share my knowledge with others through my Natural health clinic and yoga and fitness classes with fabulous results. 

Your Healthcare, Naturally Clinic

Karin is a qualified Naturopath graduating in 2002, specialising in nutrition and herbal medicine to heal the body and seasonal complaints. Experience is in allergies, digestive complaints (IBS, Crohns, ulcerative colitis, parasites, constipation, diarroeah), hormonal complaints (PMS, menopause, heavy periods, teen hormonal issues).  

Yoga, Fitness Coaching, and Group Training

Karin is a Yoga instructor, Cert III&IV in fitness, Level 1 Strength and Conditioning and Strength Power coach, Kids Bootcamp instructor, and ASC community coach, athletics coach, outdoor recreation, and orienteering coach. She has her Mental Health First Aid, and specialises in strength and mobility for everyone including athletes, and believes that movement and strength is a major part of longevity.