At Your Healthcare, Naturally, your wellbeing is priorty. Focusing on a holistic approach to health using food as medicine with a minimilist approach to supplements. We use the finest quality herbal tinctues bringing individualised treatment plans back to nature.
Yoga, physical mobility, and improveming muscular deficets are an important part of healing holistically. Mobility and strength programs are individually assessed and are available to help your reach your full health potential.

Take the pain and stress out of looking after your health.

 Straight forward nutrition and fun exercise/movement plans designed for the needs of you as an individual. 

Food and Movement as medicine

with out confusing jargon. 

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Personal consultations for health issues. Diagnosis through symptoms iridology, pulse, blood and saliva testing, hair analysis, stool analysis.

Plans include health and nutritional coaching, herbal tinctures, nutritional medicine.

Fitness & P.T.

Functional fitness for longevity and wellness. Building strength and agility through muscle deficits, mobilising freedom of movement.


Yoga for the mind and body. Flexability physically also helps flexability of the mind. Yoga is a fabulous way to condition ourselves for todays busy lifestyles. The style of yoga I teach is to build mental and physical resilliance.

Corporate Program

Programs available to relieve anxiety and stress. Relieving muscular tightness and inflammation from being at office desks all day. 

Programs available for nutrition and fitness in house, and at nearby parks.

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