28 Day Body Reset

Have you ever felt that after every weekend you wished you would of eaten healthier and not overindulged? Sometimes do you feel like you are on a roundabout with your eating, making good choices on Monday, and as the week progresses your nutrition and healthy habits lag?

The 28 Day Body Reset is just the program you need.

I have always enjoyed doing seasonal cleanses. I find they are a great way to make a shift of mindset and attachments that we can have with food. By eating seasonally and stripping back the foods we eat to nutritional, nurturing foods, that have been minimally processed, our body naturally detoxes and we can enhance and support ourselves, not only nutritionally, but psychologically as well.

I started running the 28 Day Body Reset because almost everyone I had spoken to were rolling through this weekly cycle of healthy Mondays, then by the weekend everything healthy goes out the door. I aimed to have a community of support within a network that we could all jump on the same page without judgment if one or more of us were struggling with the changes. We use food and alcohol as social outlets, making almost every occasion revolving around overindulgence. By doing the Reset you learn that we can shift our mindset from food and alcohol to other things that can nurture our social and emotional outlets. Due to humans being habitual creatures we seem to fall into that process of what is easy and fast being the ways to continue on through life, and if we don't give ourselves the opportunity to break these habits, we may never experience what we are really capable of (and this can go for any addictive habit).The program is to essentially reset the body, and the way we think and create habits around food and lifestyle, and the support is there, its up to you whether you want to take step and move forward asking questions and talking about your issues along the way, or make excuses and slow down your ability to make that important shift.

The Reset involves learning how to prepare foods and recipes from scratch without spending hours in the kitchen, of course if you have been buying takeaway for most of the time, this could seem like a big task, but no more than waiting in line to be served, or waiting for your food to be prepared at a shop or restaurant. You will learn about using food for healing, and for its medicinal properties, increasing your energy levels, lowering anxiety, and decreasing digestive complaints such as bloating, constipation, and diarrhoea, and as a side benefit becoming leaner.

If you think this program could help you, below are the details. There is only 2 weeks to go before we start, RSVP is the end of this week, and for the small fee, it is worth a go!

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