What is Mindfulness?

I find this time of year overwhelming with social gatherings, finalising the year through work, school, etc. There seems to be a different vibe in the air with a lot of us experiencing, a feeling of unconsciousness, a general feeling of having an out of body experience on a daily basis. Talking to people they seem overwhelmed and not sure how to overcome these feelings and unsure of where to turn to next.

Does this sound familiar?

This is where mindfulness, meditation, and self awareness can really help to transform ourselves and even lift us out of a hole.

Mindfulness seems like the new buzzword at the moment, but what does mindfulness actually mean, and how can we practice it on a daily basis to transform our way of thinking and the way we respond to external influences and pressures?

Mindfulness is a process of bringing the body and the mind into the present and acknowledging our emotions without being reactive or judgmental. To transform negative self talk and bring to the forefront gratefulness, happiness, and enjoy (or tackle) what we are experiencing now rather than wasting emotions on the past and the future.

This can be a complicated process (and trust me I know as it is something I need a lot of practice of to achieve what i need to) and can seem difficult to collaborate in times of stress, and like any skill, we are better to practice and become better skilled at it.

Some examples of how we unconsciously practice mindfulness and may not necessarily know we are practicing it: adrenaline sport, intensive exercise, running. In these examples you are totally focused on what your doing and have a lateral way of thinking to become better at it, generally you are not thinking of the past, or the future, you are totally focused on the now. Like in the case of yoga where the class maybe focused on trying to achieve mindfulness to finish in the meditative state at the end.

On Tuesday the 1st of December, you have the opportunity to join a free 5 day Mindfulness group where daily practical mindfulness building exercises will be posted so you can transform your mindfulness practice to build a daily habit for the future.

If you are interested in being part of this forward thinking group, click on the link below and ask to join.

5 Days of Mindfulness, Self Awareness, and Meditation

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