My Favourite Quick Meal

I crave this dish. Its quick and easy, and is as satisfying as a grain based crepe, but better.


2 egg whisked and seasoned

1/2 slice of lean bacon or ham diced

2 cherry tomatoes

1 brussels sprout finely sliced

1 side of a capsicum diced

1/2 brown onion

1/2 cup mushroom sliced

A sprinkle of Braggs Kelp salt

1 tsp of Red Boat fish sauce

1/2 tsp dried oregano

1 tsp of pure virgin coconut oil

1 TBSP of ash chevre

Fry off onion and bacon in coconut oil.

Add mushrooms and fry off for another minute.

Add tomatoes, sprouts, capsicum, kelp, oregano, and fish sauce.

Fry all of these together on low.

In a non toxic, non stick crepe pan (I use Baccarat bio pan)

spread eggs evenly over pan to make a crepe, cook for 1 minute then flip.

Place your crepe on a plate and pour mushroom mix in the centre. Fold over crepe and sprinkle with chevre. And add tabasco or other plain chilli sauce.

Soooo good!!

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