Pre Workout Advantages

Thinking about your needs prior to exercise is just as important to your workout regime as the workout itself. Thoughts are divided on what we need, and there is no doubt everyone's needs are different and depends on the level of exercise intensity, so creating a pre workout routine that will work in most situations should cover your bases. We need to to feel lifted, motivated, and cleanly energised. Alot of pre workout supplements are rough and leave you shaking and agitated, and at times putting way to much energy into the exercise than you need too through overstimulation. By using a clean energising pre workout, you get the workout done without raising the heart rate unnecessarily from cheap caffeinated, and overly sugar packed products.

High endurance exercise has a high demand for electrolytes as does training in the heat, and as Summer creeps in, so does the Gold Coasts tropical heat. Rather than going for a commercial brand of electrolyte that we might be unsure of the ingredients and not totally understanding your needs for pre workout there are options that will both work on hydration and mineral needs, energy and endurance, alongside a solid antioxidant to reduce oxidative stress and inflammation during exercise. We can also utilise good quality protein and fats to pace out the release of the carbohydrate, reducing insulin fluctuations at the end of the workout.

If you have met me before, you know that I don't like commercially produced workout supplements that have a list as long as my name!! I prefer to create my own through single ingredients, that way I know what goes into them every time.

Here is an example of some ingredients we could use for a pre-workout (I also like to start my day with this if I am feeling dehydrated and flat in energy levels):

Acai with guarana cane juice - Supplies and clean energy source with a reasonable supply of carbohydrates and bursting with antioxidants.

Blueberries - a low GI fruit with even more antioxidants. I buy the organic frozen ones - these are so hydrating on a hot day.

Sunflower lecithin and or hemp seeds - this is the good fat component of the pre workout. This gives a boost of energy and slows the carbohydrate delivery down and makes protein more available for after the workout. Sunflower lecithin is especially high in important fats that fuel the brain, and is one of my favourite fats to have.

Gelatin Great Lakes, protein powder, or hemp seeds - the protein component. This will help to feed muscle alongside the carbohydrate content during your workout and enhance muscle recovery. Gelatin in particular, helps with intestinal inflammation and joint recovery. The collagen in gelatin is said to tighten skin, so who wouldn't want a price of that!!

Sea salt - the electrolyte component. A good quality salt is just as good as most electrolyte preparation. Any chefs out there will let you know salt enhances sweetness, so don't be scared to pop this into your smoothy it will still taste delicious! Adding good quality sea salt to your smoothy.

Probiotics - supply good bacteria for the GIT.

Creatine - helps with systemic inflammation of all sorts, and supports muscle growth.


1 pouch of frozen Energy acai

150ml of activated Almond milk

1 tablespoon of sunflower lecithin

1 scoop of multigen probiotics

1 tablespoon of Great Lakes gelatin powder

¼ cup frozen blueberries

1 pinch of salt

1 teaspoon of creatine

Blend until smooth in a good quality blender and top with some cacao nibs, fresh chopped ginger (this brings an amazing freshness to your smoothy), and a sprinkling of coconut.

If you would like more information, ask me about specials for consultations on spring detoxes, and the above products, to kick off a fresh feeling for the festive season!

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