Hitting the Reset Button Post Holiday Season

Well here we are in January!

A few kilos heavier, a couple of habits that need to be kicked, and if you partake..... a liver needing a bit of a break!

In February I will starting a healthy eating program designed to shift us back on track and kick off the year with a bang.

The 28 Day Body Reset program is designed to change not so healthy habits to healthier ones. In past reset programs people have had changes such as increased energy, fat loss, changes in skin condition and hair, more mental clarity, and more. These are meal plans your whole family can enjoy.

The 28 Day online package will include:

  • Weekly recipe and meal plans with individualised macros

  • Weekly exercise sessions designed for strength and fat loss

  • Professional support by a qualified Naturopath, Fitness professional, Lifestyle coach

  • Membership to a fun support Facebook group to ask questions and show photos of your meals and progress including a midway social event for locals

  • Membership to online body reset club recipe pages

  • Finale party

All for $70 for the month or a direct debit of $16 a week. People interested interstate are also encouraged be part of the reset program.

RSVP 26th of January. Connect with Facebook EVENT to hear of updates.

I encourage anyone interested to connect me with any of your questions regarding the program, I don't want anyone to miss out!

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