Tips for Time Management

Time management = Freedom

Now I’m not going to blog here for 10minutes about how important time management is, otherwise, that wouldn’t be using my effectiveness by filling up this blog with useless info.

So hopefully this will be easy and clear to understand:

Time management increases your motivation by having clear visions and laid out plans.

Firstly, write down your life’s goals and priorities, and create a pathway by goal setting. Without setting these out, you will be like a rat on a wheel, going nowhere fast. You may have your days sorted, but long term plans and gains will be unclear. I do these once a year and spend about 2-3 hours on them. When you divide that up into 24hours x 365 days in year, it’s not that much time to spend on your growth. This is a giant part of time management that everyone should do first.

Create habits

On the first or last weekend of the month, allocate monthly cleaning jobs, bathrooms, the car, mowing the lawn, bills that need to be paid etc. Also, lock in family outings or events that are low cost. Set an alarm on your phone for this to happen and create the habit.

At the beginning of the week, plan your week, in a diary. Go through your week and allocate times for everything you need to do, including exercising, meal planning, shopping (have a blank shopping list on the fridge ready to go), walking the dog. In this weekly plan give yourself 5 hours a week of free time for yourself. For example;

  • Monday 5:30am – 6:30am read a book

  • Tuesday 5pm – 5:30pm play guitar

  • Thursday 12pm – 1:30pm paddleboard

  • Friday 12pm – 1pm Beach walk

  • Sunday don’t wake up until 9am

  • Sunday 3-5pm watch a movie

This may change from week to week, but you can see how small allocations of time can create space to help you relax and do the things you love. That’s 8 hours of me time!!

Daily Ritual

Think of the above as the housekeeping, and the following as the main objective to reach your goals.

  • Use a physical diary rather than your phone or computer to plan your months and days. This way you can see everything clearly and having a physical dairy gives you the ability to place the paper bills in the day they are due. I have yet to see an app that matches the workload a physical diary does. A plus is you can turn your diary into a vision board. Win win!

  • As soon as you wake up (before you check Facebook, or snapchat), write down and prioritize your day with time slots for each of your activities on a daily. Do not spend more time on the activity than planned, unless it is a high priority. The more you practice time management, the more efficient and effective you’ll become at knowing how long each activity takes.

Create a Hierarchy of Needs

Spending 2 hours of your time on something that doesn’t have to be done until 2 weeks’ time, is not productive. If you create a hierarchy of needs you can work out what needs to be done now, and what can be done later. When planning your day or week, do them in order of necessity.

Be Effective and Efficient

Effectiveness is about doing the right task, completing activities, and achieving goals.

Efficiency is about doing things in an optimal way, for example doing it the fastest or in the least expensive way. It could be the wrong thing, but it was done optimally.

If you have a family or run a business, efficiency is very important, but being effective and efficient will be more rewarding and you will feel accomplished.

An example of being efficient is buying bags of chips, biscuits, and stuff for a vegemite sandwich for family lunches. When the school day comes, you throw everything in the lunch box and Walla, lunch is done! Efficient? Yes. Effective? No. In the long term, your children won’t know how to eat healthy, it is not cost effective, because it is more expensive to buy these foods.

Efficient and effective would be to plan the meals for the week, make extra for dinners and pack lunches that night with leftovers while putting things away and tidying up. Or even better, get the kids (if they are old enough) to tidy up and make all the lunches, while you slot in some me time J Efficient and effective!

To achieve means to bring to a successful conclusion.

Time management and planning helps to achieve and accomplish goals.

When practiced regularly, time management brings satisfaction and motivation.

These are two of my favourite planning tools. I also use my phone as back up for repeat reminders and important appointments.

It doesn't matter if you own your own business, or work for someone else, you still need these two important items for planning.

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