Improve Yourself Through Movement

When we are born, our driving force is to move. As a parent we encourage our babies to lift their heads, crawl, stand, and walk. Our bodies are designed to move walk, run, jump, reach, push, pull etc.

In some of us we continue our movement journey and discover new ways to enjoy movement. For some, movement decreases, and excuses start to creep in along with lack of motivation and drive to keep moving.

As we age, movement becomes even more important for our bone density and strength, balance, joint mobility, neurological health, heart health, and general wellness. For some reason though, a lot of us reduce movement and some stop all together. Increasing joint stiffness, and risk of injuries and fractures, slips and falls.

If you are starting to see yourself becoming the tin man, your next step is to change your ways. This where I am more diverse than other trainers. I will try and find what makes you want to move, and investigate the emotions and obstacles that have decreased your movement and find your drives to eat to move. Everyone should be spending at least 20 minutes a day doing some sort of movement practice. Even with injuries this is possible for everyone.

Movement training differs from regular exercise. It focuses more on your weaknesses and dispositions. utilising training for longevity and vitality, and not training to get you "smashed" and injured.

At Your Healthcare, Naturally I encourage movement through all avenues and I can teach you how to have fun moving while looking after your injuries, and your health.

Half hour sessions to one hour sessions are available, you can collect a small group of like minded people together to make the session cheaper (group sessions are slightly more than the hourly cost, but are still very cost effective), I can teach you how to walk, ride, run, jump, do yoga, paddle board, climb, lift weights, box, bush walk, the sessions are 100% personalized for you or your group. It's important that my clients enjoy what we are doing, and be able to keep and enjoy moving for a for a long time.

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