6 Week Tucker Tune Up

Formerly The Body Reset, but bigger and better. Become Healthier and More Vibrant from the Inside Out!

The 6 week Tucker Tune Up is here! Formerly named the 28 day Body Reset.

The Tucker Tune Up is for people wanting to tune up their eating with a clean, nutrient dense, balanced meal plan. Dont be confused by health jargon, and large online programs that leave you with no real professional support during your journey. I have done these programs and worked out what they are missing, and I have filled these holes to create the 6 Week Tucker Tune Up.

Real Food, Natural Nutrition

Tucker Tune Up is a Naturopathically designed online program providing weekly recipes, meal plans, and exercise options for those wanting to relieve health issues related to food.

This program has been running for the last 4 years and previous clients have lost excess kilos, had relief from health issues such as bloating, constipation, diarrhoea, and indigestion. They have also experienced an improvement in physical issues such as improved skin and hair health, mental clarity and general well being, a reduction in anxiety, body aches and pains.

No Supplement Fat Loss, and Health Gains

Over the 6 weeks you will receive:

  • An introduction to the program with tips to achieve your best results over the 6 weeks. Learn how to hack your energy levels to become the best version of you!

  • 6 weeks of Naturopathically designed recipes and meal plans

  • Weekly meet and greet, exercise session designed for strength and fat loss (for locals, but there will be online exercises for remote individuals)

  • Professional individualised support by a qualified Naturopath, Fitness professional, Lifestyle coach to help you reach your health and fat-loss goals

  • Membership to Tucker Tune Up club, a fun support Facebook group to ask questions and show photos of your meals and progress

  • Finale party to meet like minded people and discuss our journey on the program

Start date is the 3rd of June 2017. Click here for some FAQs

The cost of the program is $45 one off fee for the program on the first week, followed by $11 per week for the next 5 weeks direct debit* (transaction fee for credit card*), with an option to stay a member of an ongoing support program for $5 a week after the 6 weeks, and receive regular newsletters and recipes, fitness advice, along with continued group support. There is no contract after the 6 weeks and you are able to cancel at anytime.

Click Facebook Event to keep up to date with event information or contact Karin through the Facebook page or this website with any further questions.

*The contract is all inclusive of 6 weeks to cover total cost of program. $1 transaction fee per withdrawal on Direct Debit using Quickpay. 1.5% visa/MC fee, 4% for Diners or Amex.

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