Tucker Tune Up FAQs

What is the Tucker Tune Up?

Over the 6 weeks of the program, the TTU is a healthy eating program designed to guide you on track with your eating. The program is also designed to reduce digestive symptoms and improve your health, and this follows eating a real whole food plan that is high in macro and micro nutrients, meaning moderate carbohydrate, and protein, with a small amount of healthy fats and lots of vegetables and some fruit.

How does the TTU differ from the previous Body Reset?

The TTU is two weeks longer than the Reset to consolidate the work you have done and help you continue the program in everyday life. It is also more balanced, and will be incorperating in the 5 tastes, savoury (umami), sweet, salty, sour, and bitter, meaning you will have the opportunity to have sweet foods and a small amount of recommended alcohol. There is a daily meal plan already set to keep everyone on track, with only one main recipe a day to make things easier. There will also be online weekly exercises to achieve that will take no longer than 2 x 10 minute sessions 5 days a week. I have also introduced a direct debit system for payment, with an initial program cost at the start, followed by weekly payments for the six weeks that will cost you less than two take away coffees a week.

Is the TTU a detoxification program?

Any healthy eating program will produce detoxification symptoms if you have been eating sugary, packaged foods. During the TTU the first week is the hardest, and this is when the program can cause some detox symptoms. There will be extensive support during this first stage being able to converse with a qualified Naturopath when needed.

I am Vegetarian, can I still do the program?

Yes, there is a vegetarian option for the program. Unfortunately the program does not cater for Vegans. And private consultation in the Naturopathy clinic is best for those trying to improve their vegan meal plans.

Is the TTU ok for those following Paleo?

Yes, there are some recipes with fermented dairy in the program, and these can easily be left out or replaced with paleo substitutes.

Is the program a ketogenic style program?

To receive the full value of a ketogenics diet it can take months to become a full ketogenic fat burner. You will more than likely start producing ketones on the TTU in the first week, and even though the program is not full ketogenic, its a great place to start your ketogenic journey.

Will I have to exercise during the program?

Moving is an important part of life, and if you are mostly sedentary, you will need to move more to receive the full benefits of the program. Each week there will be a group exercise session for those who live locally and also give you the opportunity to discuss topics that my come up over the 6 weeks. There is also two ten minute exercises to complete five time a week. I also recommend 12000 steps per day as a baseline.

I have done other programs before and have found their support very limited. What sort of support does the TTU have?

During the six weeks there will be weekly support emails sent out, with a Naturopath available to chat on the group Facebook page, and the goal is to have a high response rate to questions so that individual support is felt within the TTU community. Email and text message support is also available within reason for those needing private extra support. The group Facebook page is a closed group that is a place for non-judgmental communication while you are on the program. In the past the group page has been very successful and helps everyone reach their goals and continue on through out the program.

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