Reclaim Your Health

Its a family barbecue and the kids/grandkids are running around, they ask you to come and join in the activity. You head over there and straight away start to feel some aches and pains. The BBQed hamburger with the lot you just ate is starting to churn in your belly and you knew you shouldn't have followed it with that cheap chocolate cake with ice-cream. As you start to throw and kick the football, You decide you can't continue because your body just isn't holding out like it used to. Maybe its all those extra kilos you've gained over the years? Maybe the lack of activity in your life? Maybe its the accumulation of junk food and alcohol you've consumed over the years? And then you start to wonder, how did I get to this point? How did I let this get so out of control? You start to worry about your health, and hope that your unhealthy lifestyle isn't going to lead to serious health issues.

Does this sound familiar? Or does this sound a little like a family member or friend you are concerned about?

The good news is, that even if we don't make the right choices for our health, there is always a chance to make a change and reclaim your health by making small changes.

  1. Make one small healthy change to your diet and keep these changes consistent and over time, each of these changes will stick making you one step closer to feeling better.

  2. Move your body on a regular basis. Specified exercise helps us reduce stress levels, and can be meditative, and can change our mindset to a more healthier lifestyle. If you are not doing a specified exercise session at least 3 times a week, changing this is a great start. These can include a walk, throwing a basketball around, swimming, or doing at least 20 minutes of dedicated exercise like gym work, yoga, cycling etc.

  3. Find your passion. Hobbies can distract us and give us vitality. Find what you love to do, get into the flow, and let your hobbies or passion replace bad habits that can lead to an unhealthy lifestyle.

Sometimes even small changes can be too overwhelming and health and fitness information just seems confusing. Thats where a health coach or mentor can help to get you started and help you find the motivation and the steps to reclaim your health.

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